Seagrass protection by limiting dredging during storm periods? To protect seagrasses near ports in temperate Australia, it is better to conduct dredging operations in winter and allow dredging to continue under turbid conditions caused by
Large-scale seagrass restoration project under way in Kiribati to combat climate change Local communities in Tarawa, an island atoll in the Central Pacific nation of Kiribati, have initiated one of the first and largest seagrass
Moving 300 mangrove trees in Abu Dhabi to a new home In an unprecedented operation, a Japanese oil company operating off an island near Abu Dhabi recently excavated and moved 300 mangrove trees and saplings
Douglas Shoal – Coral reef remediation at a ship grounding site in the Great Barrier Reef Dr Paul Erftemeijer of DAMCO Consulting was contracted recently by Advisian Pty Ltd of the Worley Parsons Group to

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