Synthesis of 5 years of Dredging Science for WAMSI

Synthesis of 5 years of Dredging Science for WAMSI

In another recent win, DAMCO Consulting was contracted last month by the West Australian Marine Science Institution (WAMSI) to draft a final synthesis report on the recently completed WAMSI Dredging Science Node research program. The Dredging Science Node is a 20M$ five year strategic research initiative that evolved in response to uncertainties in the environmental impact assessment and management of large-scale dredging operations and coastal infrastructure developments in Western Australia.

The research program included a large series of reviews, field studies, laboratory experiments, modelling studies, remote sensing applications and the development of best practice guidelines and policy recommendations with the ultimate goal to enhance the capacity within government and the private sector to better predict and manage the environmental impacts of dredging in Western Australia. The synthesis, which reviewed a total of 29 technical reports and 59 scientific papers, is expected to be published in July 2019.

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